Tractor New Holland T5070 animated 3D visual presentation

New Holland T5070 in 3D

An animated 3D visual presentation of the tractor New Holland T5070

Lytagra is one of the largest companies in Lithuania that focus on agriculture. They sell ferrous metals, pipes, building materials, fasteners, agricultural machinery, tractors, trucks, cars and other agriculture-related accessories. The company is actively developing trade, so it needed a new and modern way to introduce the main features of New Holland T5070, one of their most successful best-sellers.

Lytagra partnered with Indeform to create an animated visual presentation of the New Holland T5070 tractor aimed at the potential customers and resellers. We needed to start from scratch. Since we had the photos of the tractor taken from all angles, we were fully responsible for the execution of detailed 3D models of wheels, chassis, body and back hydraulics. The client wanted to highlight the main mechanical features of the tractor hydraulics, so we animated it separately. The visual appeal was also an important aspect as the technical specifications came along with text. When we finished all modeling tasks in Blender, we developed ray-trace ready Cycles materials, set up environmental lighting and created mechanical rigs. Animation, final rendering and video composition was an important part, as we needed to emphasize the main features of the tractor and create an appealing visual experience for the potential customer.